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Hardware Products
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Der HinzTec - rtcGuard ist der effiziente, autarke und energiesparende Schutz für Ihr Eigentum. Durch seine geringe Größe und seinem robusten Aufbau lässt sich der rtcGuard an nahezu jedem Gegenstand befestigen und
wird Sie auf bis zu drei Mobiltelefonen über eine Kurzmitteilung informieren, sobald unbefugte Ereignisse auftreten.

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Software Products

TrackOn 1.2 is a innovative, clear and easy to use program for the reception, transmission and interpretation of position beacons in ham radio. This mode of operation is known to most hams as APRS.

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Hardware Products

The HinzTecShort Message Display (SMD) is an enhancement with Telemetry capability to the HinzTec - anyfrog and the SCS- Tracker*. A single cable connects the SMD to the anyfrog. SMD allows an overview of local APRS activity and your transmissions.

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Software Products


Alpha 3.2 is a terminalprogram for enthusiastic users of the SCS DSP Multimode Pactor  Controller, who want to have simple, professional operation without a long learning curve.

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Hardware Products

The HinzTec - anyfrog is the stand alone APRS weather- and position system for fixed and mobile use. Now with KISS mode for receive and transmit! This unit is the ideal stand alone solution for the demanding APRS - user with a multitude of options.

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Hardware Products

With the HinzTec - G3Bridge, it is now possible - for the first time ever - to transmit and receive a fax page worldwide via the efficient digital HF PACTOR media without a PC. PACTOR was developed by SCS - Special Communications Systems GmbH & Co.

APRS - accessories
Hardware Products
As HinzTec developed its APRS products, we had the opportunity to test several GPS receivers and would like to pass on that information to interested OM's. In the download section, you find several comparisions, which indicate the capability of the SIRF-III chipsets. The Online shop shows several  APRS third party products that are quite useful for plug and play.




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